Vreeland Engineers Current and Recent Projects

Vreeland Engineers, Inc. has significant experience in producing construction documents for new construction and building renovation projects. Documents prepared by Vreeland Engineers, Inc. typically include lighting, power distribution, and communications systems design. Vreeland Engineers, Inc. also has experience providing construction documents for infrastructure upgrade projects such as electrical and communications systems at multi-building campus style sites, standby generator systems, uninterruptible power systems (UPS), etc. Vreeland Engineers, Inc. also provides consulting services for its clients as part of long term master planning projects.

The following is a list of types of facilities for which Vreeland Engineers, Inc. provides design and consulting services. Contact our office for additional firm resume information including resumes of key staff members, specific project lists, references, etc.

A) Health Care: Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, urgent care, outpatient and ambulatory facilities, orthopedic clinics, medical office buildinsg, dental and orthodontic offices, oral surgery offices, etc.

B) Industrial facilites

C) Educational facilities, including pre-K, day care, K-12, and colleges/universities.

D) Data centers and call centers

E) Office buildings

F) Banking facilities

G) Places of worship

H) Hospitality projects including restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, visitor centers, etc.

I) Grocery, retail, and convenience stores

J) Transportation facilities such as airports, rental car facilities, auto delearships, transportation repair facilities, etc.

K) Municipal facilities such as town halls, municipal office buildings, courthouses, jails, utility operation centers, 911 operation centers, etc.

L) Storage and warehouse facilities, including climate controlled storage facilities,

M) RV campground sites

N) Apartment/condominium complexes, dormitories, etc.

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